Hervey Bay, where Whales Play and Nature Comes Alive

Sometime in January every year, the majestic humpback whales leave the cold and frigid waters of the South Polar Region, and migrate slowly north to the tropics to mate and give birth to their young. From late July to early November, these magnificent whales "stopover" in the protected waters between Fraser Island and Hervey Bay, to nurture their young, frolic, play and prepare for the long journey back to Antarctic waters. That's why Hervey Bay Whale Watching is one of the best whale experiences in the world!
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Spirit of Hervey Bay

Half Day (school hols) & 3/4 Day Cruises

Brand New Boat 2008

Purpose Built for Hervey Bay Whale Watching

The famous yellow whale watching boat is back in 2013 after 4 successful seasons with the new boat.

The Spirit of Hervey Bay team has 22 years of whale watching experience in Hervey Bay and in 2008 plumbed their depth of knowledge to design and build a new boat with features specifically designed to optimise your whale watching experience.

You can see  the whales frolicking from the large and stable outside decks, with a new waterline platform for closer viewing ..... or duck downstairs to eyeball these magnificent whales through the underwater viewing windows.
Spirit of Hervey Bay has brought back all their extremely knowledgeable and professional crew for the 2013 season, to ensure your whale watching experience is awesome.

This new boat is an extremely fast jet-cat, getting you out into the bay quicker, allowing you more time watching whales, and less time travelling.  More stable than the smaller vessels, the Spirit will ensure a comfortable journey no matter what the conditions.
2013 Season July 27 - October 31
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Most importantly, Captain Gary has years of experience whale watching in Hervey Bay, and will locate whale pods quickly, giving you the most time with these majestic animals.

Throughout the day you will be fascinated and intrigued by expert commentary from crew member Andrew, who is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about these incredible creatures. He even has a Hydrophone which the crew will place in the water so you can hear the whales "singing" - amazing! Just so you don't miss a thing, this boat also has underwater cameras! Way cool!

It is obvious this crew never tires of watching the whales playing in the bay daily! They are happy, polite, professional and personable, making your day all the more enjoyable!

Hervey Bay Whale Watching Tours

Adults        $115       Children        $60        Concession        $105

Morning  8:30am - 12:30pm     Afternoon 1:30pm - 5:30pm

                                                                                  Free transfers from your accommodation
                                                                                  Morning / afternoon tea
                                                                                  Expert commentary
                                                                                  Money back guaranteed whale sightings
                                                                                  Free souvenir pack
Hervey Bay - Where the Whales Play
Hervey Bay Whale Watching - Up Close and Personal
Hervey Bay Whale Watching - 3 Huge Viewing Levels
Hervey Bay Whale Watching - Spirit of Hervey Bay
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